About Us

Hello everyone welcome to the About Us section.  We are very happy to help you plan your next party. In this section of our web site you can learn more about Shaws Farm Hog Roast, the services we provide and how we are the best choice for catering in the Lancashire area!


Our family has been farming for generations so I wanted to find a way of keeping our traditions while expanding the business into catering.  My family have run this busy farm for many years now and always enjoyed using our home grown goodies such as fresh fruit and vegetables to make tasty food for all the family.  We  always enjoyed the taste, quality and texture of the pigs from our farm and found them far superior to meats sourced from alternative places. That’s when the idea of branching out into the hog roasting trade first began. Hog roasting at private and family parties really seemed to be taking off in our area and becoming more and more popular all the time so we decided it would be the perfect time to start our hog roasting adventure. We knew that the freshness and quality of our pigs and our home made sides would put us head and shoulders above the other hog roasters in our area.

As soon as we had catered at our first hog roast party word soon spread and before long we were getting booked up every weekend. It felt like the whole of Lancashire required us to cook up a hog roast feast to celebrate their birthdays, engagements, anniversaries and much more. The Shaws Farm Hog Roast has most definitely been a great success and we look forward to continuing to bring hog roasts to regular and new customers.

We can travel to all locations across the UK.  We will be bringing with us all the fresh ingredients needed to cook up your feast. So you don’t need to do a thing or provide us with anything its all under control so you can just relax, pour yourself a drink or two and enjoy your party. Meanwhile we are working hard to bring you the best hog roast and we will shout you when its ready!